Announcing a New Line of Standardized Packaged Chilled Water Plants

Chil-Pak has made an official announcement today regarding their new line of standardized solutions.  The new line of packaged chilled water plants (i.e. modular chilled water plants) builds on years of design experience of hundreds of central plants.  The new standardized product will be known as the MARK series.  The rationale behind maintaining the MARK series nomenclature was explained by Harold Simmons, Global Director of Strategy:

“After wrestling through various names for the new standardized product line, Chil-Pak decided to build on the already strong reputation of the MARK tradename.  The MARK series has always been about meeting the clients needs with an off the shelf packaged central plant design and it is our intention to continue the tradition with the new MARK product offerings.  One of the biggest improvements to the new family of products is that now we are able to provide up to 800 tons of cooling in a single module with a standardized form factor.  While Chil-Pak will continue to provide solutions to our clients with larger cooling needs of up to 6000+ tons, the MARK series is a tangible solution for  our clients who have a smaller load, but desire to take advantage of the convenience and cost savings of a modular chilled water plant.”

To learn more about how the Chil-Pak team can provide your organization with a high quality packaged chilled water plant contact

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