Case Study: Major Defense Contractor Applies Chil-Pak Modular Central Plant Solution

An international global security corporation occupies multiple buildings in what was a 1950s era Air Force base. Each building had its own (sometimes multiple) small central plants with chillers and towers ranging in age from 20 to 40 years. The chillers were not efficient and the maintenance team was  constantly repairing or replacing compressors and other components.

As part of the corporate strategy to reduce energy usage at all their facilities, the energy management team took a close look at the cooling systems for this location. They determined that by updating several air handlers and cooling coils, replacing /adding some chilled water piping, and replacing up to nine small central plants with one extremely efficient central plant they could meet their goals of reducing energy use on-site.

Chil-Pak® was called to visit the site and a couple of challenges were quickly apparent. First, there was very little room for a new central plant. The only space available was next to an old blimp hangar but the new packaged central plant could not block the right of way required by emergency vehicles. In order to fit the 945 ton modular central plant into the space available, a compact layout that provided excellent service access to all components was developed and the towers were installed above the new packaged chilled water plant. The modular central plant provided 945 tons of cooling capacity utilizing three Carrier 23XRV chillers. These chillers were chosen over several magnetic bearing alternatives because they were actually more efficient and the variable speed tri-screw compressors were extremely robust.

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