Chil-Pak: A Disruptive Technology for Data Centers

One of the chief characteristics of a disruptive technology is that it completely changes the way things are done.  As a manufacturer of packaged central plants Chil-Pak has helped to revolutionize  the way central plants are built.  Rather than spend months having a central plant built-up on a construction site, Chil-Pak provides  factory built modular central plants ranging in size from 180 tons-7500tons+.  These plants can be completely constructed offsite and then deployed when needed.  In addition to the quality control aspect of these central plants they typically provide end users with a 10-15% CAPEX savings when compared to a built up plant.

Chil-Pak has designed and deployed these modular central plants throughout the world from North America to the Middle East.

If you have an upcoming project that requires chilled water be sure to touch base with the Chil-Pak team early in the process, so that they can provide valuable design assistance.  For more information contact

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