Chil-Pak Embraces & Enables Modular Data Center Infrastructure

As a manufacturer of packaged central plants, Chil-Pak, has had the opportunity to be involved in multiple vertical markets.  In the last few years their involvement has expanded to the data center industry.  One of the interesting things about the data center industry is that there has been a big push to create modular solutions.  These modular solutions typically provide owners with the ability to defer capital and build as they grow, rather than tying up capital in unoccupied white space or support infrastructure.  These modular designs also provide the data center users with design flexibility and an increased speed of deployment.  All of these benefits of modularity that the data center industry is now embracing, have been championed by Chil-Pak for the last ten years.  In short, this means that Chil-Pak understands, embraces, and has experience in working with clients to optimize their modular chilled water infrastructure.  We recently caught up with Chil-Pak’s Director of Strategy & Mission Critical Solutions, Harold Simmons, and asked him about the modularity phenomenon in the data center industry:

Modular designs are nothing new. In fact the argument can be made that the industrial revolution was in part fueled not only by standardization but by a passion for modularity…..The technology industry has actually always been a big advocate of modular systems as evidenced by personal computers and the like.  This embracing of modularity has simply been extended to the data center and the supporting infrastructure.  Chil-Pak has played a significant role in putting modularity theory into practice by helping some of the world’s largest companies to simplify their cooling infrastructure by providing modular chilled water plants.  The systems are much like a traditional built up plant in that they include pumps, piping, VFD’s, chillers, controls, etc;  however, the main differences have to do with the flexible design, speed of deployability, reduced capital expense, and the opportunity for the central plant to be built in a quality controlled ISO 9001:2008 factory environment.

If you and/or your company are interested in learning more about how Chil-Pak can provide your data centers with a modular central plant ranging in size from 180 tons to 7500+ tons then contact and reference this article.

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