Chil-Pak: Providing Packaged Central Plants with Integrity

The majority of companies make some sort of claim to having integrity either in their goals, values, or tucked away somewhere in their mission statement.  In light of this flippant attitude that is taken toward integrity, why would ChilPak make the statement “Providing Packaged Central Plants with Integrity”?

One of the main reasons that this is emphasized by Chil-Pak is due to the experience they have in the marketplace.  There have been numerous instances in recent years  where another packaged plant manufacturer has made promises to deliver a system by a particular date, but they have been unable to do so.  Many times the delivery date that was promised by these other packaged plant manufacturers is impossible to meet due to long lead time components; however, some of the other plant manufacturers have not disclosed that information to the GC, engineer, or owner which results in delayed schedules.

This is dramatically different from the way in which Chil-Pak desires to conduct business.  When we bid a job or work with a client on a design build project we make sure that we can meet the projected deadlines.  If this means, we have to walk away from a job because the deadlines being asked for are not possible then we will.  That being said, Chil-Pak has found over the years that our reputation to deliver on time is well known in the marketplace.   When Chil-Pak provides a production & delivery schedule to their clients they can rest assured that this will take place.  This showing up on time is simply one part of what it means to deliver packaged central plants with integrity.

If you are looking for a packaged plant manufacturer who shows up on time, finishes what they start, does what they say, and really values integrity then Chil-Pak could be a valuable member of your design build team.  Contact for more information

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