From System Functionality to Optimized Modular Construction

One of the best ways to describe what Chil-Pak does is to talk in terms of functional system requirements being translated into a modular piece of equipment that can be shipped down the road.  The Chil-Pak design assist team works with engineers, owners, and contractors to ensure that the required functionality needed on an application is delivered in a quality controlled piece of equipment.  The Chil-Pak team has been involved in hundreds of central plant projects over the years and has the experience and knowledge that engineers are looking for in a manufacturer.  To be sure there are other competitors in the marketplace, but many of these have come out of the small pumping package world and have tried to scale up to the complexity of a modular central plant.   The Chil-Pak team is different in that they come out of the built up central plant world and just over ten years ago began manufacturing the central plants into modular pieces of equipment.  The Chil-Pak solutions are idea for schools, resorts, office buildings, data centers, and other applications that have a large cooling load.

If you have a project where you need a central plant solution, but are looking to get the highest quality solution at a reduced CAPEX when compared to a built up system contact the Chil-Pak team at

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