Standardized Packaged Central Plants vs Customized Modular Central Plant Solutions

Due to the complexity of a central chilled water plant there are a number of component choices that ends users, engineers, and contractors can make.  As a result of this, one of the first questions that needs to be considered when designing a central chilled water plant is how to balance cost and functionality.   There are projects require the most energy efficient chillers, cutting edge adaptive controls for optimized performance, full redundancy on a major component level, etc., but all of these component selections can lead to an increased first cost.  Chil-Pak is very familiar with designing and building these customized plants and would be happy to be involved with you on your next project that requires this level of customization.  That being said, in order to reduce the cost on projects that require chilled water, but have some level of flexibility from a component standpoint Chil-Pak has developed a standardized product line.

These standardized solutions are single module packaged central plants ranging in size from 180 tons-800 tons.   This line of equipment is known as the MARK Series.   There are a variety of redundancy configurations available to meet the loads of your facility whether it is a hospital, a data center, resort, hotel, school, manufacturing facility, or other application that could benefit from a chilled water plant.

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