Our Vision

To provide clients “Chilled Water without the Headaches”

Chil-Pak® provides engineers, building owners, and contractors with a fully integrated packaged central plant in a simple cost effective ‘plug and play’ unit. Not only does Chil-Pak® streamline the entire design build process, but Chil-Pak® creates high-quality, energy efficient systems by implementing a brand-neutral, application-specific philosophy in the design and manufacturing process.

Chil-Pak® incorporates side engineers, design build contractors and owners by helping move the functional design to a constructible factory built solution that is optimized for the unique design constraints of a given project.

Chil-Pak® design-assist experience and manufacturing precision give clients an increased level of confidence over other chilled water solutions leading to successful projects.   The skilled team at Chil-Pak®  eliminates uncertain results by simplifying what has traditionally been a complex process, in other words,  Chil-Pak® provides “Chilled Water without the Headaches.”