The Mark 4™ packaged chilled water plant design is the largest of the single module complete systems.  The Mark 4™ is a standard design featuring two multi-compressor chillers, redundant chilled water and condenser water pumps.  This chilled water solution has optional integrated controls, cooling tower, and HX economizer. Using an implemented “variable primary flow” design, Mark 4™ systems are able to provide the necessary cooling for facilities with a load from 500-800 tons.  This system is perfect for data center facilities that require an extra level of mechanical redundancy and reliayability.

Benefits and Features:

  • – Redundant CHW & CW Pumps
  • – Two Multi-Compressor Chillers
  • – Integrated Controls (optional)
  • – Cooling Tower (optional)
  • – HX Economizer (optional)
  • – Wider Enclosure
  • – 500-800 Tons